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I have been working continually for/in the California Escrow (Real Property Closing Agent) Business for over three decades and am currently the Executive Vice President of Escrow of the West located in Southern California. Previously, I was the Executive Vice President and Co-founder of a Substantial Multi Branch Independent Escrow Company as well a Tax Deferred Exchange Company both of which were established over 25 Years ago.

Initially starting off my escrow career as a part time messenger, spending my first full-time employments as the ‘phone-girl’ (or receptionists as we know today), to spending a year as a ‘secretary’ (or assistant as we know today), to Escrow Officer, Office Manager to Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of MARA Escrow Company. I have experienced the Independent Escrow Industry in California from the Ground Up. I have also co-founded two other independent escrow companies and a tax deferred exchange company during my career as well.

Commencing my career before: ‘dry’ copies, fax machines, Federal Express, Voice Mail, Computers, Email and the Internet, I possess a unique prospective of the past, present and possibly the future. My success has been reinventing the California Escrow Business, both from the Clients Prospective as well as the Production Side. For years our tools were a Typewriter, 10-Key and Telephone. Hand typing instructions by memory to balancing files by hand to figuring Hud-1 Closing Statements with a pencil, paper and 10-Key, I have seen quite a bit. From the acquisition of a G-1 Fax Machine to substantially customizing computer software, my career has been a long and exciting journey.
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