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‘Special’, ‘Complicated’, ‘Difficult’ and ‘Challenging’ transactions have always been and continue to be a major foundation of my efforts. Our involvement extends beyond ‘Escrow’, and takes into consideration all aspects of conveying real property to consumers, which includes, but is not limited to: Sales & Marketing, Title Insurance and Financing considerations as well.
 Receiverships are also a very unique transaction type. Working with: Receiver, Defendant, Plaintiff and other related parties in compliance with Court Orders can often be complex. Coordination of the efforts of Liens, Encumbrances and Title Insurance continue to evolve and change, even with individual assets. Receiverships for Subdivisions are even more intricate with the Consumer Protection Requirements imposed by the California Department of Real Estate.
 Subdivisions come in all shapes, sizes and descriptions. Three units to almost Thirteen Hundred Units, New Construction to Apartment Conversions, Single Family Residences to Z-Line Condos, Live-Work Units to Adaptive Reuse Conversions and Single DRE Phase Projects to Sixteen DRE Phase Projects. From assembling ‘dirt’ parcels to concurrent closings of more than thirty units in the same day, we have seen hundreds if not thousands of subdivisions
Managing Volume takes many forms; concurrent subdivision closings described above, auctioning 200+ individual properties two days, administration of a Receivership with included over 75 Individual Multi Million Dollar Single Family Residences located from La Jolla to Carmel. Development of Processes, Procedure and Management Tools for efficient administration of all these transactions is the key to success.
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