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     I take pride
on becoming an invaluable part of each and every one of our client’s ‘working teams’. Services businesses thrive, grow and succeed based on Repeat and Referral customers and work. Success is not defined by closing a particular escrow, but when a new client returns with their; second, third and fourth transactions and then they refer their associates.
    Size does not matter. If the Project is three units or thirteen hundred units, entry level homes or multi-million dollar office buildings, individual single family home, each transaction deserves and receives all the individual attention it needs and deserves without discrimination.

    When working within the ‘Team Structure’, the focus must be on ‘Team’ success. I have discovered no matter my effort, nor how hard I try, it’s virtually impossible to be successful in the California Escrow Business without a ‘Team’ of qualified professionals. Lawyers, Title Companies, Real Estate Brokers, Receivers and Loan Originators are all essential teammates in the successful consummation of transactions for our Buyers and Sellers, Borrowers and Lenders. Identification of industry leaders in each of their respective disciplines are essential to success, provided that they are willing to work within the team concept. I don’t just talk about ‘Team’ I live it everyday.
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